A New Beginning – Chapter 1 – Training Tips

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Chapter 1 - Training Tips
Series A New Beginning
Duration 13:28
Languages English | Español
Downloads Chapter 1 - Workout
Chapter 1 - Training Tips
Workout 124Watch the workout

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  1. Marco

    Wow thanks for these tips man you are awesome just i wonder one thing what should i do now i have been bulking for like 5 months now because i am 1 meter 60 and i used to weigh 47.5 Kilos and now i weight 60.5 so as you see now i have perfect weight for my height but i am wondering should i lean down now and then continue to do a lean bulk or should i keep adding more mass now and then lean down because i think for 1 meter 60cm about 67KG would be a good MensPhyzique size ? if it makes sense Sergi ? haha sorry if i couldnt explain it much clearer 🙂

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