A New Beginning – Chapter 4 – Chest

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Chapter 4 - Chest
Series A New Beginning
Duration 27:10
Languages English | Español
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  1. Winston

    January 13th 2015:

    Hello Sergi
    Hope you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas. Thanks! very much for your recent offer of $1.00
    foe a trial membership. I was very glad when I saw your Offer, because at the moment I am unemployed
    I think its great having a membership like yours. its also great watching you train and listen to your Fitness tips
    you are a Great inspiration Sergi. may you be successful in any upcoming Contest you may be entering this year
    Where do you live in Spain or in the United States. may God bless you Sergi and also give you the Strength, Wisdom
    and abundant Energy so that you will be a success in your Bodybuilding Career. Have A Great Day and Good Luck!
    in 2016.

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