ABSolution Level 2

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Full Workout
Series ABSolution
Duration 6:38
Languages English | Español
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    • Sergi Constance

      Hi Talha! The fat located in the lower back is the last place where is lost when we start the diet and the trainings. So for loose the fat of this place you must to go down with the % of all your body fat. Thank you. #BeLegend

  1. Kevin

    Hi sergi! great videos! i see major results in my abs and building muscles! What are some different music type you listen to while working out? any recommendations for songs to keep me motivated? thank you!

      • Noel

        Hi Sergi

        I do abs every alternate day, and i try to hit abs 3 times a week. I start with Level 3 on Sun, do Level 2 on Tue, Level 1 on Th…. Would be great if there are alternate to these exercises. As time goes, i increase / decrease sets and reps to make a change.

        Been my regular on this site and use the techniques and tips. Hope to post my results soon.. Going lean :)… #BeLegend 🙂



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