Add Lean Muscle – Supplements 4

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I take my final supplements each day, just before I sleep.

Series 24 Hours of Nutrition - Add Lean Muscle
Video Supplements 4 of 4
Duration 2:16
Languages English | Español

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  1. Aditya

    Thanks for adding good video….please explain about abs and diet ….how to maintain muscles and make abs….if i do cardio then i loose muscles ….my main intention is to make body like you ….please guide about abs


      You need to educate yourself more on how to train your body. You need to train hard and eat clean to have your abdominals show, its pretty simple. There are a million different ab exercises you can youtube it. Sergio uses basic ab exercises but his diet is clean and his intensity is high. Learn and apply what you learn into your training.

      good luck.

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