Food Shopping – The Essentials

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What you eat is just as important as how you train, and this starts at the supermarket. I adjust my diet to match my goals, but there are some food essentials that I always buy. In this video, I show you what they are and explain why I buy them.

Duration 5:19
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  1. Luke

    Hey Sergi,
    Firstly your website is the best bang for buck I’ve seen so far, so informational and helpful. I’ve started following your lean mass routine and in the first week you’ve already taught me new ways to target specific muscle groups and new ways to make me sore! And I’m 6″2 213lb 11%bf. Just with the nutrition side of things I don’t eat eggs or any seafood (fish mainly) but I’m following your diet perfectly otherwise. Is there anything that I can substitute eggs and fish for or am I really depriving my body of vital nutrition and slowing the process to a better outcome?
    Kind regards
    Huge fan! Luke

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