Lift Heavy – Shoulders 2 – Part 2

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Hitting the rear delts in Part 2 of this heavy shoulder workout.

Series Lift Heavy
Workout Shoulders 2
Sections Part 1 | Part 2
Duration 16:23
Languages English | Español
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  1. Clifton

    G’day Sergi!
    I am curious about Shoulder Press form/technique (with either dumbbells or machine), how much do you allow your back to arch, or do you try and keep your (lower) back against a bench wherever possible (in order to minimise use of upper chest muscles)?
    Thanks chief…

    • Jon

      Anytime you allow other muscles to come into the lift, you are taking some of the load off of whatever muscle you’re working. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right way to train. if you’re feeling it where you’re supposed to and seeing results, you’re probably doing it right. Try it both ways and see what works best for you. Just keep in mind that too much arch can affect your gains. For example, powerlifters use big arches in their back on bench press. This may allow them to make great gains in strength, but it isn’t ideal for muscle development. If you’re lifting for physique, then less arch and more control is probably your best bet.

  2. Paco

    Hola Sergi , When do you work traps on the lif Heavy series? Or can change the last couple of excercises and work some traps? What do you you recomend? GRacias !! and congrat for your succes! well deserved

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