PROJECT H: Shoulder workout 2

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This is the second of five huge shoulder workouts and we focus on the frontal head of the shoulder. I use each workout in this series once per week for three weeks.

Series PROJECT H: Shoulders
Workout 2 of 5
Duration 41:53
Languages English | Español

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  1. Ana

    Thank you so much. But please tell me something you says that you do this workout for 3 weeks so what workout should i do later when I finish the all series, please help me. I need a routine thank you for you help

  2. Rajdeep

    Hi, Sergi

    I am a regular follower of your workout pattern. Me too is a fitness trainer but one thing always I worried about. Despite of have had 5% body fat I don’t have the defination on ABS. I do trained ABS every alternate days but still have no defination. How to acheive that?

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