PROJECT H: Shoulder workout 3

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This is the third of five shoulder workouts designed to build huge shoulders! In this workout, we focus on the rear delt.

Series PROJECT H: Shoulders
Workout 3 of 5
Duration 29:34
Languages English | Español

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  1. Ross


    This is my first comment so firstly I would like to say I am really enjoying your website and videos. I especially like how your primary focus is always good technique and working then muscle rather than just heavy weight. I also live by this philosophy. I am gym owner and coach specializing in CrossFit and Kettlebell training, but I have decided to personally focus on physique training in 2015. I very thankful to have your site as a training resource to help me on this new adventure in 2015.

    Keep the great videos coming!

    P.S. The SG zip hoodie you are wearing in this video is awesome! Will you be selling them? If so, when will they be available for purchase?…

    • Sergi Constance

      Hi Ross!! Is great to meet here a great trainer of Crossfit and Kettlebell. I wish some day to film something of this great kind of training too.
      At the moment you will have a great potencial to start training for physique. Keep it going you will do great!

      About the clothing range i wish to get ready soon. Thank you #BeLegend

  2. Adrian

    hy sergi great workout and tips, definetly geting a huge pump in the shoulders and also having a great time in the gym doing the basics …i was wondering if i could do abs after this session, abs with weights 2 exercises 8 sets…or it’s a little to much and how often should be ok the bulking time..tnx you’re videos are very motivational !

    • Sergi Constance

      Hi Adrian!!
      If you feel that you keep enought energy, YES! Doing about 8 sets in 2 exercises will be great for keep your abs in shape.
      For me in the bulking time i only use to train abs 1 time a week. But if you train your abs for 2 times a week becasuse you feel with energy is great.


    Hola Sergi,

    I’m a new member here on your website and have to say to you, that you’re absolutely an amazing guy to bring a great style into Bodybuilding, I wish for you much more dreams come true in 2015 and MUCHOS GRACIAS for your great support!

    Just a short question, I know your time is very rare…

    You show us here great workout videos, is it possible that you show us some different weekly schedule for training … how often you train in a week a muscle group? It would be great if there was a complete training plan together with sets and weights as a guide, how you train as download here on your Website for the members too as a little bonus to your great videos. What you think about?

    MUCHOS GACIAS for a reply,

    Saludos completa,


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