PROJECT H: Shoulder workout 4

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In the first three workouts in this series we've focussed on training different parts of the shoulder. In this video, we do an all-round shoulder and traps workout using supersets. Ryan and I trained together and you'll by the end of the workout, our shoulders are destroyed!

Series PROJECT H: Shoulders
Workout 4 of 5
Duration 47:22
Languages English | Español

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  1. sameh

    Hi Sergi,

    I have some fat in the abdominal area and some extra kilo grams, can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Or is better to lose fat first and then build more muscle? Is it better for me is more than muscle training in every session? Or one muscle training per session? Is 40 minutes a day of Cardio exercises (Medium intensity – such as walking) is enough to lose fat? Thank you very much

  2. jesus

    Hey Sergi, great workout sessions, training shoulders is my new favorite body exercise. When will you be posting the 5th exercise session for the project H…. gracias

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