Workout series


My ABSolution videos provide full workouts that you can follow, along with PDFs to print and use at the gym. Plus, there are separate demonstration videos for every exercise.

During this 12 week plan I will show you the training, diet and supplements that I use to add volume to my physique.

SC Mass

Seven intense workouts with over four and a half hours of real workout footage – 12 different circuits and three crazy leg session. See the full series

When it’s time to add some lean muscle, you need to go back to basics and Lift Heavy. This series contains eight heavy workouts with over 5 hours of real workout footage. See the full series.

Leg workouts

For me, legs are the area that I need to improve the most. If you’re the same, I’ve put together all my leg workouts from each different series in to one easy-to-view list so that you can access them quickly. The three most recent leg videos are below, or you can view all leg workouts.

Intense Hamstrings

Intense Hamstrings

The last of three intense leg workouts that I use when training circuits on other muscle groups. Focussing on hamstrings in this session.