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Welcome to my SCMass plan! During this 12 week plan I will show you the training, diet and supplements that I use to add volume to my physique.

I feel that one of the weaknesses in my physique is overall volume and thickness, and so I want to improve that during these 12 weeks. My diet will contain more calories. This means that I will have more energy for the intense and heavier workouts – and I’ll be hitting more on the muscle groups that I want to improve the most.

During my SCMass plan I will focus most of my training on increasing my strength and hypertrophy training. This training, along with a proper diet will lead to progress in my strength and allow muscle growth to occur.

I’ll show you how I increase my strength and achieve higher performance workouts. Also the diet I follow to allow my muscles to recover and grow, but also with a slight increase in body fat percentage too. And finally I’ll show you the supplements I use and when I use them to get the most out of my workouts and ensure the maximum recovery.

As a member, in my SCmass plan you will see videos about my training, diet and supplements, as well as documents you can print which show you more detailed information and routines. Plus I’ll be posting my own comments and records of my strength training. In summary – you get full insight in to my 12 week SCMass plan.

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